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Many girls are naturally lazy and will happily go along with this treatment, which will help pile on the pounds all the faster.

I thought she said she was going on a diet. This is a key room to make right, because normal girls spend a lot of time in bathrooms, so your fat girl will spend even more time here.

Classically seen in all of those weight-gain stories, keep her surrounded by food so she starts eating it herself. Passed out women naked. If you can take her swimming, that's great. Belly gainer girl. Cookies, milk and ice cream before bed will turn to fat while your girl sleeps. Salad Dressings — salads can be an ideal food for supporting weight loss. Fat will settle at the lowest point of the body, especially if that part is sat on. Out of the food you have collected, feed your girl the most unhealthy, most fattening treats of the bunch.

Deli Meats — may commercial deli meats are high in fat and sodium. Automated stoves and microwaves also help, as they will keep you from cooking all the time. Beware of the low fat muffins, many of them contain more sugar to compensate for the lack of fat. Chinese lesbian porn pics. Contents [ show ]. They may be very tired as making a baby is a hard job. What makes this kind of diet special is that it can be used as you tempt your girl to the fat side Star Wars parody without arising suspicion.

These are the clothes that are meant to be worn for a short time and get bigger in size over time. The bellies are paired with a massive rear end, guaranteed to make any pair of pants rip if they bend over.

Is it sexist to pine for a fat girl? Then you tell her that she needs to eat extra food because her body might shut down. To prove how easy the whole process is, I fattened up that ditzy girl from the beginning of the article -- now, she's a fat ditz!

When looking for a possible target, it is important to keep in mind the girls that are out there. Transfer the beefed-up entertainment center to the bedroom, and provide an over-bed table so she can take all her food, use a laptop, and do anything else she may want to while in bed. Think about it; if your girl gets incredibly enormous, there is no one-piece available for her.

Keep the room relatively cool, because this will keep foods like ice cream fresher and your girl will eventually have plenty of fat to withstand any amount of cold temperature. She sounds like she's reading her "lines" off of fucking cue cards. Don't worry about plates; every cupboard should be jam-packed with junk food. Priscilla barnes nude video. Retrieved from " https: When you have achieved the results you want, then buy a full wardrobe. You will need lots and lots of food. This is usually easier once your girl is addicted to food.

Also include a sandwich and a few cans of soda so the have something to munch while they are there. Retrieved 25 November Be forewarned that other people will be at restaurants, so only go if your girl's self-esteem is up for it. Fat fetishism also incorporates stuffing and paddingwhereas the focus of arousal is on the sensations and properties of a real or simulated gain. Make sure she takes second and third portions.

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Also include a sandwich and a few cans of soda so the have something to munch while they are there. Hot boobs nude images. In a holiday together for a hot travel destination then you really have time for her and have time to pamper her and feed her when now full.

This gets her used to the concept of a fourth meal - the one after dinner. Don't use kitchen chairs with armrests; they will tip her off as she gets heavier. Belly gainer girl. Just make sure to change their position every once in a while, so the butt and hips have time to grow and to keep the girl from being grafted to the chair.

Misc - Latest Uploads. Continue for similar results each time. For example, instead of an ice cream cone, give her the whole carton. There are two ways to use food effectively. Whoever uploads it for free will be a demigod.

When your girl is fat, she can wear too small, tight clothes for that sexy look. Usually found in the living room or the kitchen, the telephone is also another important invention for the modern day fat girl.

They may not be your best choice when you add fat-loaded dressings. Naked women omegle. Food is everywhere, and many establishments would love to serve food to your gal. To make a fat girl, one must know the blueprints of a girl. The majority of these calories come from simple sugars. Keep the area around the passenger seat clear of radio dials, gearshifts, and other things which will dig into a fat hide.

Retrieved from " http: Although, it's hard to always take care of a immobile girl, who will probably become grafted to the couch and die. Take her to an ItalianGreekMexicanor some other foreign relation's house preferably far far away.

If you really need a plate, use a bucket. Or be smart and invest in food-repelling carpet, so your girl can sit on the floor. Do you want more of your girlfriend to love? She is still super cute and has had a solid gain, but lets be real, she has been the same size since like August. Who is the hottest milf. Get a large couch that provides plenty of room for your girl's growing butt.

Many girls are naturally lazy and will happily go along with this treatment, which will help pile on the pounds all the faster.

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Now that she can handle the food, up the ante. You just want the fat not to settle in the other common places, so plan "bouncy" activities, those promoting the boobs to jiggle, like volleyball, tennis, and light jogging. Models - Latest Uploads. Do not attempt unless you are a multitasker, and want to make a fat girl while raising a family.

If your girl is supersized, it's time to look into a bigger vehicle. All is well until--whoops! Some like to experiment, and get fat girls with body fat in different places. Give her more drink than required and that too will be stored away as new curves. If so, even if she stays this weight, I think we can all agree, we're happy too. There are many foods out there that may seem OK but are actually high in calories or fat.

In reality, her bag has all the food in it. A typical dressing has between grams of fat and 75 calories. If her torso matched the rest of her body, I would explode. Can you find it?

This stage involves the careful psychological manipulation of your target. A person usually puts on teaspoons equaling 30 grams of fat and calories. If you can take her swimming, that's great.

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Cum on big tits tumblr Keep the area around the passenger seat clear of radio dials, gearshifts, and other things which will dig into a fat hide.
Nude gym women Vans or SUVs , especially those with fold-down seats, can create large spaces for your fat girl to Latest comments on files. Besides, bikinis allow a girl to show off her big jiggly belly and boobs, especially if her boobs grow to an enormous size.

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